Prayer Guide

What would God do if we devoted ourselves to praying every day, for specific things, together as a church family? Join us in following a monthly prayer calendar that will provide you with one specific thing to pray for each day. Gather some friends, your family, your huddle and start praying together. Click the "Pray" image to download the prayer guide and let us know what God is doing through your prayers at

Worship at Home

We would love to have you join us to worship in person but understand that you may choose to worship at home during this time. If there is anything we can help with, please reach out to us using the contact info at the bottom of this page. Click the LIVE STREAM image to view the online worship gathering.

Bible Study Resources

  • ESV Study Bible

    This is a great resource and a great place to start in understanding and applying the bible... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • esv student study bible

    Same great resource... just for students.

  • The Bible project

    BibleProject is a nonprofit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated Bible videos and other Bible resources to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere.

  • Bible Commentaries

    Entry Level

    NIV Application Commentary Series

    Tyndale Commentary Series

    New American Commentary Series

    Intermediate Level

    Expositor's Bible Commentary Series

    Pillar New Testament Commentary Series

    Advanced Level

    Word Biblical Commentary

    New International Commentary (OT & NT)

    Also check out

  • how to read the bible for all its worth

    In clear, simple language, it helps you accurately understand the different parts of the Bible—their meaning for ancient audiences and their implications for you today—so you can uncover the inexhaustible worth that is in God’s Word.

  • How to read the bible book by book

    For each book of the Bible, the authors start with a quick snapshot, then expand the view to help you better understand its message and how it fits into the grand narrative of the Bible.

Resources for Kids

  • NIRV Adventure bible

    A great first study bible for young readers

  • The Jesus storybook bible

    Sally Lloyd-Jones

  • The Biggest Story

    Kevin DeYoung

  • The Ology

    Marty Machowski

  • The Radical book for kids

    Champ Thorton

  • Exploring the Bible

    David Murray

  • bible Infographics for kids

    Giants, ninja skills, a talking donkey, and what's the deal with the tabernacle?

Videos Worth Watching

  • on mission together

    Hear Jeff Vanderstelt of Saturate explain how we can be a community of people sent out to be missionaries... together.

  • what is the gospel?

    Jeff Durbin from Apologia Church shares the most important message you will ever hear: the gospel of Jesus Christ, start to finish.

  • Sharing faith with others

    How do you share your faith with others? Hugh Halter gives a practical way to use everyday conversations to point people to Jesus.  He suggests that Jesus sets an example of allowing your behavior to draw others to you and